Vitamin D supplementation has the potential to be a viable dementia prevention strategy, especially when initiated early, new research suggests (Alz Dement Diagn Assess Dis Monit. Published online March 1, 2023.).

Any amount of exercise in middle age is associated with better cognition in later life, new research suggests ( Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry. Published online February 21, 2023. Full article).

Butylphthalide, a medication derived from celery seed, may improve outcomes after an acute ischemic stroke when given in addition to thrombolysis or endovascular treatment, a new report suggests ( International Stroke Conference (ISC) 2023: Abstract 90. Published February 2, 2023).

Treatment with the thiazolidinedione pioglitazone may offer the greatest protection against dementia for older adults with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) who have a history of stroke or ischemic heart disease, new research suggests (Neurology. Published February 15, 2023).

Regular use of over-the-counter laxatives has been tied to a significantly increased risk of dementia, particularly among those who use multiple types of laxatives or osmotic laxatives.

A new study published in Annals of Neurology ( try to investigate molecular biomarkers of a-synuclein and tau aggregation, autophagy, and inflammation in the saliva of de novo Parkinson's disease (PD) patients in comparison to healthy subjects (HS), and to correlate molecular data with clinical features of PD...