Evidence suggests that dairy consumption is associated with better cognitive health in older adults. However, the results of recent research introduce an exception to this possible link (

Sodium-containing acetaminophen (fizzy or soluble drug preparations) was associated with increased cardiovascular and mortality risk in older people, according to a report sounding the alarm on the potential dangers of fast-acting prescription and over-the-counter drugs alike.

In the current decade, a growing body of evidence has proposed the correlation between diet and cognitive function or dementia in the ageing population.

Patients with a history of migraine have a heightened risk of perioperative ischaemic stroke, according to new research published in The BMJ. In a prospective hospital-based registry study, migraine was associated with a 1.75-fold increase in the incidence of stroke within 30 days of surgery, and the risk was particularly high in patients who had...

Pain development and discomfort are universal features of spider envenomation, yet severe pain arising from bites by Old World spiders is poorly understood. Molecular analyses of the venom of the King Baboon spider revealed abundant expression of the inhibitory cystine knot peptide Pm1a. Synthetic Pm1a induces pain in mice while simultaneously...

New research shows that men in their 20s and 30s have worse survival from many different types of brain tumors than women of the same age. And, researchers say, it's not exactly clear why.