Stroke and sleep apnea are highly prevalent conditions with a physiologically plausible bidirectional relationship.

Visual Snow


Visual snow is considered a disorder of central visual processing resulting in a perturbed perception of constant bilateral whole-visual field flickering or pixelation. When associated with additional visual symptoms, it is referred to as visual snow syndrome. Its pathophysiology remains elusive.

To help determine whether midlife obesity is a cause of dementia and whether low body mass index (BMI), low caloric intake, and physical inactivity are causes or merely consequences of the gradual onset of dementia by recording these factors early in a large 20-year prospective study and relating them to dementia detection rates separately during...

A recent study shows that healthy sleep patterns were associated with a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke by about one-third, even among those at high genetic risk.

In the study published by Suzanne M. Bertisch et al. and entitled Nighttime Sleep Duration, Fragmentation and Daily Sleep Quality and Risk of Migraine, they attempt to test the hypotheses that insufficient duration, high fragmentation and poor sleep quality are temporarily associated with the onset of migraine on the day immediately following the...

The time to initiate intravenous thrombolysis for acute ischemic stroke is generally limited to within 4.5 hours after the onset of symptoms. Some trials have suggested that the treatment window may be extended in patients who are shown to have ischemic but not yet infarcted brain tissue on imaging.

Lampreys are one of the oldest surviving species of eel-like jawless fish. They populate both rivers and coastal sea waters in temperate regions around the world.