This daily routine is leading you to dementia


The global population is engaging in more sedentary-type activities such as sitting while using the computer, watching television, and driving.

Studies have reported associations between sedentary behavior and cardiometabolic diseases and related mortality; however, its relationship with new-onset dementia is not clear.

In a new study, researchers investigated whether an increase in the duration of sedentary behavior could enhance the risk of new-onset dementia among older adults.

The study participants (mean age of 67 years; 55% were women) were followed for seven years (mean), during which 414 cases of new-onset any-cause dementia were reported. A statistically significant but non-linear relationship was observed between sedentary behavior duration and new-onset dementia.

Overall, the study findings showed a significantly positive association between the duration of sedentary behavior and incident dementia in older adult individuals.

The study findings are in line with previous studies and indicate that increased time spent sedentary is linked to lower cognitive performance. However, further research is required to investigate whether the link between sedentary lifestyle and dementia risk is causal.

Source: JAMA