Results of Wasabi on cognition


A recent study investigated the impact of 6-MSITC, a compound found in wasabi, on cognitive functions in older adults. Over 12 weeks, participants took either a 6-MSITC supplement or a placebo.

The study involved 72 older adults in a double-blinded, randomized controlled trial, comparing the effects of 6-MSITC supplementation to a placebo over 12 weeks.

Participants receiving 6-MSITC showed significant improvements in working memory and episodic memory, while no significant benefits were observed in other cognitive domains like processing speed or attention.

This research is pioneering in demonstrating the positive effects of 6-MSITC, the main bioactive compound in wasabi, on memory functions in the aging population, expanding upon previous findings in middle-aged adults.

Source: Neuroscience News