Migraine-related antacids


A recent study published in Neurology® Clinical Practice suggests a potential association between acid-reducing drugs and heightened risks of migraine and severe headaches.

The study analyzed data from 11,818 individuals, revealing that users of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), H2 blockers, and antacid supplements reported higher incidences of migraine or severe headache compared to non-users.

Adjusting for various factors including age, sex, and lifestyle habits, researchers found significant associations: PPI users were 70% more likely to experience migraine, H2 blocker users 40% more likely, and antacid supplement users 30% more likely.

Further investigation is warranted to elucidate the relationship between acid-reducing drugs and migraine. As these medications are commonly prescribed, understanding their potential implications on migraine occurrence is imperative for informed healthcare decision-making.