Magnesium-Rich Diet Linked to Lower Dementia Risk


A magnesium-rich diet has been linked to better brain health, an outcome that may help lower dementia risk (Eur J Nutrition. Published online March 10. 2023)

Investigators studied over 6000 cognitively healthy individuals, aged 40-73, and found that those who consumed more than 550 mg of magnesium daily had a brain age approximately 1 year younger by age 55 years, compared with a person who consumed a normal magnesium intake (~360 mg/day).

Many foods are good sources of magnesium, including spinach, almonds, cashews, legumes, yogurt, brown rice, and avocados.

Eating a brain-healthy diet (eg, Mediterranean diet) is one of the Seven Steps to Protect Your Cognitive Vitality that ADDF's Cognitive Vitality promotes

Source: Medscape