Concussion Boost Alzheimer


Post-traumatic amnesia (PTA) and chronic vascular lesions caused by traumatic brain injury (TBI) is tied to an increased risk of subsequent Alzheimer's disease (AD) (Alzheimer Disease & Associated Disorders).

Results from a case-controlled retrospective study showed the presence of PTA or of vascular lesions on neuroimaging in patients with TBI was significantly associated with up to an almost fourfold increased risk of AD.

The study highlights the seriousness of TBIs, which some people still consider "just a hit on the head" .

These patients end up with cognitive decline, difficulties organizing, planning, getting back into the workforce, and getting back to regular life. They require a lot of help from their loved ones and from their community and medical systems.

TBI is increasingly recognized as a major risk factor for neurocognitive disorders. The fact that fewer than 7% of patients with TBI go on to develop dementia suggests some patients might be more vulnerable than others.

This strengthens the suggestion that TBI is a factor leading to and not a consequence of dementia.